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The Quick Start

The Quick and Dirty

  1. Deal 6 cards to each player
  2. Decide who goes first
  3. The first player
    • Picks up a card from the draw deck
    • Plays a card (collect users, jacked their opponent, or shield/remedy their User Base) else, discard a card.
  4. Continue to the next player
  5. Repeat until someone gets 1 million or more users or the draw deck is empty

If you are confused, take your time to go through the full instructions on this site or download the PDF. If not, enjoy the game!



Deal 6 cards to all players and keep the remainder in the middle.


During gameplay, the area in front of each user is their User Base. This is where the user keeps their collected users, penalties, or shield cards. There are two suggested layouts for acquired users.

Layout A (acquired users)

Group all the acquired user cards by the amount of users laid out cascading order, shown below

Layout B (acquired users)

Group the users into groups of 100K. For example, three cards (50K, 25K, 25K) will be in the first group and two user cards (75K and 25K) will be in another group. This layout allows a player to quickly tally their users as they approach 1 million users.


Start Playing


After dealing 6 cards to each player, decide who goes first with the player with the lowest battery percentage   or the youngest player. The first player starts by taking a card from the draw deck, then performs 1 of 5 actions;  attacking an opponent, shield their user base, remedy a penalty, acquire users, or discard a card from their hand if no action or card can be played. The game continues as the next player takes one card from the draw deck. Players should have six cards in their hand at all times, unless they are penalized by a Hack Attack Card, or they forget to pick up (replenish) a card during their turn.

A player starts by picking up a card from the draw deck then performing one of the following actions:

NOTE: A turn ends when the next player draws a card. A player may replenish their hand at any time during their turn. If a player forgets to pick up a card to replenish their hand during their turn, they will continue the milestone with less than six cards in hand. Once a player has played a card on an opponent, it can not be undone.